[[en]]Be A [[zh]]成為
[[en]]DreamBacker [[zh]]DreamBacker

[[en]]Be a DreamBacker[[zh]]成為DreamBacker

[[en]]Everyone can be a DreamBacker! You may provide direct contact for understanding students’ dream projects and support their needs; or you can meet with students at least once and listen to their needs. If you wish, we encourage you to take a “I’m DreamBacker” picture/video and share on social media of personal account / DreamStarter, such as facebook and Instagram, to support students’ dreams. [[zh]]每一位都可以成為夢想支持者(DreamBacker)! 你可提供直接聯絡以了解學生的夢想項目並提供支緩。又或者你能夠提供至少一次的會面機會,親身接觸學生去聆聽他們的需要。如果你願意,我們亦很希望你能拍攝一張”I’m DreamBacker”照片/影片並分享到個人/DreamStarter的社交平台,如臉書及IG,以行動支持學生夢想。

[[en]]DreamBacker Sharing[[zh]]DreamBacker分享

[[en]]Vincent Tsui[[zh]]徐緣
CEO, Toast Communication Limited
Flora Lee
[[en]]Communications & Corporate Affairs[[zh]]企業傳播主管
[[en]]Bayer HealthCare Limited[[zh]]拜耳醫療保健有限公司
[[en]]Joanne She [[zh]]佘曉怡
[[en]]Registered CMP [[zh]]註冊中醫師
[[en]]Yee On (TCM) Medical Clinic[[zh]]怡安中醫醫務所主席

[[en]]Let us connect with you[[zh]]讓我們與你連結

[[en]]The best gift to our children is “Hope”. Your support will ignite and encourage our future leaders of Hong Kong and help their dream projects come true! [[zh]]“希望”是給孩子最好的禮物。你的關注及支持將能燃亮和鼓勵一班香港未來小領袖,讓他們追尋的夢想得以成真!

[[en]]If you want to take a first step and want to know more about the role of DreamBacker, please leave your name and contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you very much![[zh]]如果您想踏出第一步並希望了解更多有關DreamBacker的角色,現在誠意邀請您留下姓名及聯繫方式,我們的團隊會盡快與您聯繫。 謝謝!

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