[[en]]Dream of A Better World[[zh]]夢建更美好世界
[[en]]Be a Dreambacker for student's dream[[zh]]成為Dreambacker支持學生夢想
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[[en]]About DreamStarter[[zh]]關於啟夢者計劃

[[en]]Starting Dreams with Empathy; Igniting the Potential in Youth; [[zh]] 啟夢助人 築動潛能

[[en]]Achieving a Sustainable Future[[zh]] 成就可持續未來

[[en]]Over the past years, DreamStarter, as an education innovation initiative, has connected over 5000 of teachers and students with corporates, institutions and individuals from the public communities to turn hundreds of Dreams of Empathy and Sustainability into reality. [[zh]]DreamStarter是一項教育創新計劃。在過去三年,我們將5000多名師生與社區中的商業機構、團體及公眾人士聯繫起來,共同實踐數百個從同理心出發,以世界可持續發展為目標的「夢想」。

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[[en]]DreamStarter Schools[[zh]]啟夢校園

[[en]]14 primary and secondary schools have joined DreamStarter this year. [[zh]] 今年參與啟夢者計劃的中小學共14間。

[[en]]Learn More about Our Curriculum[[zh]] 更深入了解我們的課程[[en]]Becoming a DreamStarter School [[zh]] 成為啟夢校園

[[en]]School is more than a place where knowledge is transferred. In our DreamStarter Schools, students are experiencing, creating, enjoying knowledge in whole new manner.  [[zh]] 學校不僅是一個知識傳播的地方。在啟夢校園裡,學生正以全新的方式體驗,創造和享受知識。

[[en]]Dream Projects [[zh]]精選夢想項目

[[en]] Through experience which nurture empathy and inspirations from the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, our students are trying to make our world a better place through their dreams. Take a chance to read some of them. [[zh]] 透過建立同理心的經歷和17個聯合國可持續發展目標的啟發,我們的學生正在努力實踐一個個使我們的世界變得更美好夢想。藉此機會閱讀其中的一些。

[[en]] More Dreams on selected topics [[zh]]更多夢想主題

[[en]]Education with Communities [[zh]] 連結社群的教育

[[en]] Corporates and Individuals are pledging to support Our DreamStarters. [[zh]]不同的商業機構,團體及公眾人士一一承諾支持我們的DreamStarters。